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Tino Brömme

who we are

ESNA is a European network of media and arts professionals focusing on higher education.

Gathering our experience from over 20 years of science policy journalism, today we specialise in communication consulting for universities and science.

Tino Brömme is the founder and chief-editor of ESNA. He is a journalist, author, moderator and event manager.

what we do

We fill universities’ internationalisation strategies with life. You best create learning and research environments, connect people over distances and disciplines, reach out to students and the public. – We analyse your goals, help you develop stories, enrich encounters and presentations, involve your staff, become digital without a loss of identity.

University of Naples Federico II


Content Development
Events Moderation
Content Presentation
Script Writing
Media agency and relations
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how we do it

ESNA production capabilities

debate panels production

The UUU Panel Debate – an original ESNA production for European University Alliances. Idea, interviews, programme direction and moderation, audience participation, production management, online streaming.

customised formats

ESNA develops constantly changing formats to display content. We provide media advice supporting StartupTV productions, such as “Startup Weekly”, “Top Stories”, “60 Seconds Pitch” and larger projects.

advanced live streams

Clients who have a scheduled event and hire their own production company for shooting, streaming and editing. ESNA supports creating live stream events, post-production and dissemination.

web short contents

ESNA produces short video formats working with its own shooting materials, enriching them with found footage contents and media cultural production quotes. 

data presentations

This extremely short video format is suitable to illustrate statistical information and similars. ESNA takes care of the data research and the direction of the text visualization.

events recaps

Video recaps of International meetings and conferences, with added interviews and voice-over descriptions. In addition, ESNA produces event summaries for quick consultations.

contact us

To get more informations about our services enter your details and a message, we will reply as soon as possible.

You can also call us on +49 163 717 73 47
or contact us by email at

contact us

To get more informations about our services enter your details and a message, we will reply as soon as possible.

You can also call us on +49 163 717 73 47
or contact us by email at

contact us

to get more informations about our services enter your details and a message, we will reply as soon as possible.

You can also call us on +49 163 717 73 47
or contact us by email at


What do people think about ESNA

“You are on the right track. If you flick through the newspapers, it says in Paris the students strike; in Finland they have problems with the chancellor etc. These anecdotes are purely coincidental. On the contrary, a durative, meaningfull report, one which also corresponds with structural features and can be read well, such a newsletter is missing. In my opinion, ESNA has great prospects for the future. I would read that.”
Michael Hartmer
Dr. Michael Hartmer
Geschäftsführer des Deutschen Hochschulverbandes (DHV), Bonn
“No other service equals ESNA’s standard of higher education news. Not only does ESNA keep you up-to-date on the developments in the E.U. and its major Member States. It also helps to understand the periphery of the European Higher Education Area like Eastern Europe, Balkans and the Mediterranean region whose important developments and conflicts remain nearly unnoticed by the other sources of information. I also appreciate the extensive media review, the exploration of non-English sources and the effort to function as an observatory of student life, mobility and the social dimension in higher education.”
Pırıl Akın
Pırıl Akın
Academic Specialist, The Council of Higher Education (YÖK), European Union and International Relations Office, Ankara
“ESNA provides me with up-to-date easy-to-read news on what’s going on in HE in Europe. For a policy analyst this knowledge is crucial.”
Jesper Risom
Jesper Risom
Head of Section, Danish University and Property Agency, Copenhagen
“Without ESNA you are not well informed on what is happening in European universities. Many developments take simultaneously place in different countries. You only notice if you see the broad coverage of ESNA and understand the similarity in circumstances which bring about the same kind of pressures and dilemmas. ESNA is a must to understand yourself.”
Joe Ritzen
Jo Ritzen
Former Dutch Minister of Education and Science and president of Universiteit Maastricht
“We at EUROSTUDENT focus our work on providing a regular snapshot of European students‘ study and living conditions. However, in order to understand the snapshot, you need information on the debates and policy developments behind the phenomena you see in the data. This is where ESNA proves a valuable source of up-to-date, wide-reaching, but concise information. “
Dominic Orr
Dominic Orr
Project Leader of Eurostudent, HIS-Institut für Hochschulforschung, Hannover